Bulk Liner Container Packaging

Dacro’s bulk liner container packaging systems, which are manufactured from high-strength, FDA-approved polyethylene film and woven polypropylene.

Darco’s bulk liner container packaging solution is now known as Signode Netherlands B.V., a Netherlands-based company with over three decades of experience in the industry and an ISO 9001 certification since 1983. Dacro’s bulk liner system provides a more efficient and cost-effective method for transporting dry goods, such as food items like sugar, malt, coffee & flour, plastics in the form of powders, resins and flakes and minerals, chemicals (PE, PTA, BPA, etc) and catalysts.

Our container liner system offers a convenient and eco-friendly solution that eliminates the need for bulky bags or boxes. With a quick and straightforward setup that can be accomplished by just one or two individuals within minutes, it’s a hassle-free choice. Dacro’s liner systems are crafted from high-strength, FDA-approved polyethylene film and woven polypropylene, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability. The unrivaled reputation of our liners in the industry is a testament to their performance. Visit Dacro for more information.

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What is Container Liner?

Container liners are protective layers designed to safeguard cargo within shipping containers during transportation. These liners, typically made of polyethylene or other durable materials, act as a barrier against moisture, contaminants, and environmental factors, preventing damage to goods. They are custom-fitted to the dimensions of standard shipping containers, creating a sealed environment that shields cargo from external elements. Container liners are especially beneficial for industries requiring secure and weather-resistant transportation of bulk materials, such as grains, powders, or chemicals. This cost-effective solution ensures the integrity of the cargo, reduces the risk of contamination, and enhances overall supply chain efficiency.

Who uses container liners?

Various industries across the globe utilize container liners to enhance the protection and transportation efficiency of bulk materials. Some of the key sectors that commonly use container liners include:

Agriculture: Farmers and agribusinesses use container liners to transport bulk commodities such as grains, seeds, and other agricultural products.

Chemical Industry: Manufacturers in the chemical industry utilize container liners to transport powdered or granular chemicals securely, preventing contamination.

Mining: The mining sector employs container liners for the transportation of minerals, ores, and other bulk materials from mines to processing facilities.

Food Industry: Container liners are used to transport various food products in bulk, safeguarding them from environmental factors and ensuring food safety.

Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry employs container liners for the secure transportation of bulk pharmaceutical ingredients and products.

Construction: Companies in the construction industry use container liners for transporting bulk construction materials like sand, cement, and aggregates.

Manufacturing: Manufacturers of diverse products, especially those dealing with bulk raw materials, use container liners to protect and transport their goods.

Recycling: Container liners play a role in transporting recyclable materials, helping in the efficient movement of recycled goods.