Freight forwarder & forwarding agent

A freight forwarder or forwarding agent acts on behalf of importers, exporters and other parties (in Malaysia or other countries) in order to organize the transport of international shipments in an efficient, secured and profitable manner.

Johann freight forwarding team offers efficiency, security, cost-effectiveness and simplicity when it comes to your international shipments. Request a quote here for Forwarding and Customs Clearance. Our team is always ready to meet your supply chain needs.

How can you benefit from a freight forwarder & forwarding agent?

  • Professional recommendation on cost handling such as freight costs, consular charges, port and customs expenses and insurance.
  • Preparation and presentation of the required documentation for the importation and exportation of the freight shipment.
  • Professional advice on the most suitable freight transport mode and performance of the procedures for packaging, stowage and loading of the freight.
  • Reservation of the cargo space required on a ship, airplane, train or truck, in addition to taking care of the storage and/or distribution of the freight.
  • Administrative procedures with customs agents in Malaysia and other countries to ensure that the items and documents comply with the authority regulations.