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Johann’s warehouse is situated in Port Klang, 5 minutes away from North Port and 20 minutes away from West Port. With an upgraded IT infrastructure, we can now manage your cargo through our warehouse Management System(WMS). Our WMS can now send updated information to you preferred e-mailing address with every stock movement, and also generate a stock report if required.

Johann’s Warehousing facility has also been approved by the DOE of Malaysia to store hazardous cargo of most classes and is built with a spill containment feature. Our warehouse is protected 24 hours a day by professional guards and as an added security measure has an electronic anti-theft/burglary alarm monitoring system, Security cameras and fire fighting equipments.

Other than providing warehousing services, we would like to emphasize our capabilities in the handling of valued added jobs such as all types of re-labeling, packing, re-drumming, re-bagging, palletizing, sorting or removals.

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